Pet(s) of the week: Janis, Joplin, and Reno

Meet Janis, Joplin and Reno! These siblings came in as strays back in July and are still looking for their forever home. As kittens, they grew up here in the shelter, which is always hard for any animal. Joplin is the most outgoing of the group, he will greet you with curiosity, and he loves to be petted (especially along his back and at the base of his tail). Janis and Reno are still on the shy side, but they are curious and often watch Joplin receive pets, and there have been times when they will follow his lead to be petted, too. They do love to play! They are often found running around our cat lanai and playing with toys. We would love to be able to find them their forever homes! They do not need to be adopted together, but if you want two together, great! If you want all three, hey, that’s great, too! Just one? Perfect! As always, please give the shy animals a chance, they too are looking for their forever homes, but waiting for that patient person!