Pet of The Week – “Mouse”

To adopt Mouse, or any of the other fine pets available visit the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society

“Meet Mouse, an adorable dog with boundless energy and a heart full of love. This playful gal has an incredible zest for life and is eagerly seeking her next new adventure with you. Despite being deaf, Mouse has proven herself to be an exceptional learner, and she is learning commands using treats and hand signals.

Mouse’s vibrant personality is matched only by her love for playtime. She adores tennis balls and finds great joy in chasing and retrieving them. With her agile movements, she can entertain herself and you for hours, providing endless amusement for those lucky enough to watch her in action.

While Mouse is undeniably active and spirited, she has a gentle and affectionate side as well when she allows herself to. When she’s in the mood for some downtime, she revels in the joy of receiving massages and snuggling up with her humans. She cherishes these moments of closeness and craves the connection that comes with them.

It’s important to note that Mouse would thrive as the only animal in the household. She prefers to be the center of attention and delights in having her human companions all to herself. In a one-animal home, she can receive the undivided love and care she deserves, forming an unbreakable bond with her forever family.

Don’t miss the opportunity to welcome Mouse into your life. Be prepared to experience unconditional love, endless playfulness, and an extraordinary bond with this incredible girl!”

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