Pet of the Week – “Millie”

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“Millie, Millie! Gloucester-Mathews’ local attention seeker and model. A staff favorite, Millie is at first initially shy and apprehensive about new faces, but this nervousness quickly dissipates with lots of patience and time! With time, staff has said she forms deep connections, showering her chosen companions with unwavering love and loyalty; in short, she will be your bestie! Being the attention seeker she is, she will snuggle close to you and give you all the slobbery kisses you can imagine.

A few fun facts about Millie include she loves activities such as embarking on long walks to the beach and through the park. With each step, her energetic spirit shines through as she eagerly explores her surroundings, sniffing out every new scent that tickles her little nose. The sound of crashing waves and the feeling of sand between her paws brings her pure joy!

If you want to be her friend, you have to know two things more about her. Treats hold a very special place in her heart! She cannot resist the mouthwatering aroma of bacon. She happily indulges in various treats, savoring each delicious morsel. Besides treats, she has a very keen eye for fashion to match her vibrant personality. Her favorite accessories of choice? Playful unicorn horns and adorable ladybug wings, oh and she has no problem confidently strutting her stuff.

She has her special quirks such as snoring loudly or making random noises that make you go, “Act like a lady, Millie!” But Millie says, “Psh, lady? People love me.” She has her unique charm, and she knows it.

Millie, and the staff, understand the importance of finding the right match, and with the perfect person by her side, she blossoms into the best dog one could ever hope for. Her playful nature, unwavering devotion, and loving spirit make her an extraordinary companion for those patient with her. Millie wants to be your one and only, meaning no other animals, but Millie is ready to embark on a lifelong adventure, bringing endless joy, laughter, and unconditional love to the lucky individual who opens their heart to her.”