Max and Missy!

Meet Max and Missy! Senior Rottweiler mixes who are looking for their forever home. We had a little photo session with each in the warm sunshine hoping some cute photos would draw them some attention. They are not a bonded pair, but if you want an amazing duo, then consider both! Here are some details about them.

Max and Missy were surrendered together due to not getting along with the cat in the house. While they cannot live with cats, they lived with each other where the previous owner said they did wonderful together, and never had issues with them being around each other. Another positive note is they lived with two younger children, and were reported to have done very well!

Max and Missy both are around 8 years old, altered, vaccinated, and microchipped! What does that mean? They are ready for adoption! Both of them have similar personalities, outgoing and friendly with people, but also a little mixture of laid-back. They have quickly become staff favorites here, but we want to find them their chance at a forever home. Again, they are not bonded and can be adopted separately, but if you want two amazing dogs, adopt both!