Pet of the Week – “Maverick”

Meet Maverick! Maverick was surrendered due to changes in the previous owner’s household, but they cherished and cared for Maverick very much. He recently had to undergo surgery to amputate one of his back legs, but he is thriving very well learning to adjust to three legs, and still shines and shows his cheerful disposition.

Maverick is an extremely intelligent canine and willing to learn. While he knows a few commands, he would benefit from continuing his training to be his absolute best! He loves to work for treats, as long as you have a tasty one available, he is eager to show you all he can do. Toys of all kinds are his favorite and he does have a playful side, however, he is more interested in showing you his big smile and giving you all the kisses.”


Maverick plays well with kids and other dogs. Click here to find out more about “Maverick”