Wild Bunch Under New Ownership

The Wild Bunch to Bloom Under New Ownership

Kilmarnock, Virginia — Spring is the season of rebirth and transition. So it’s only appropriate for premier floral designer and owner of the Kilmarnock-based The Wild Bunch, Cindy Naylor, to announce that she sold her business to Olivia York.

“I’m thrilled that Olivia York is the new owner of The Wild Bunch,” says Naylor. “She began working with me as a Christchurch student and later as a college student at James Madison University. We’ve stayed in touch. Olivia is a talented floral designer and passionate gardener. She brought me some of the most beautiful dahlias I’ve ever seen to use in arrangements.”

Olivia York is the daughter of Mark and Beth Clark of White Stone. Mark is the owner of another Kilmarnock Main Street business, Hubbard Insurance. York’s mother, Beth, is Chesapeake Academy’s Director of Early Childhood Programs. Her husband, Ian, works with her father.

“I’ve always dreamed of becoming a full-time florist. It’s my idea of a dream job,” says York. “I see the impact a gorgeous bouquet has on a bride-to-be. Being a part of such an important event in someone’s life is a privilege and a role that requires trust.”

Cindy Naylor (center) announces the sale of The Wild Bunch to Olivia York (left). Naylor Designer Reese Lawson (right) looks forward to collaborating with York and helping her carry on The Wild Bunch’s tradition


Naylor will play an active full-time role at The Wild Bunch through her last planned workday on October 31, 2023. “We have many weddings and other events on the books throughout summer and into the fall,” says Naylor. “I’ll be right here. Olivia will also work weekends until she takes over on November 1, 2023.”

Naylor established The Wild Bunch in Urbanna in 2002. She moved her business to Kilmarnock in 2012 with Papeterie business owner Alana Courtney. Interior access, as well as friendship, links the two retail shops. “We even advertise Papetrie and The Wild Bunch together!” says Naylor.

Designer Reese Lawson has worked with Naylor for nine years. She looks forward to collaborating with York and helping her carry on The Wild Bunch’s tradition of creating stunning arrangements inspired by nature. “All three of us are perfectionists,” says Kylie. “We strive to do our very best for every customer and with every order.”


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