Virginia’s Gay Marriage Ban to end Thursday

Same-sex cou­ples across the Com­mon­wealth are watch­ing the Supreme Court for any sign they might step in before gay mar­riage becomes legal in Vir­ginia. in less than 48 hours. Clerks are mak­ing sure they’re pre­pared in case the Supreme Court does not delay the rul­ing that struck down the state’s gay mar­riage ban. Hun­dreds of peo­ple are expected at cour­t­houses this week and many say it could be a his­toric day for Vir­ginia.

Cou­ples that wish to marry will com­plete a uni­ver­sal form at the Rich­mond cour­t­house before get­ting a revised mar­riage license com­ing from the state. state offi­cials say the phone has been ring­ing off the hook with cou­ples ready to take that step. Chester­field says its online mar­riage appli­ca­tion may not be ready to go by Thurs­day, but the clerk says they will have those updated appli­ca­tions avail­able on site.The group “Peo­ple of Faith for Equal­ity” says it has some 66 clergy from a vari­ety of denom­i­na­tions on board to offi­ci­ate wed­dings for same sex cou­ples. Many of them plan to be at cour­t­houses Thursday.