Virginia Lottery earns record $538.6 million

The Vir­ginia Lot­tery has posted record prof­its. Lot­tery offi­cials say they made 538.6 mil­lion in the most recent fis­cal year. The increase is based largely on sales of instant scratch-off tick­ets, a new brand­ing effort and a huge Mega Mil­lions jack­pot draw­ing in Decem­ber. The ticket sales from a $636 mil­lion Mega Mil­lions jack­pot last Decem­ber, the second-largest lot­tery prize in U.S. his­tory, resulted in more than $16 mil­lion in profit for the Vir­ginia Lottery.Under state law, all lot­tery profit goes to Virginia’s K-12 pub­lic schools.