Various Bills Under Consideration In Richmond

The current legislative session in the state capitol includes some proposals that you may not have heard of yet. For instance, House Bill 1025 would allow any person to claim a deer, bear, turkey or elk that appears to have been killed in a motor vehicle collision. Under current law, only the person who hits a deer or bear with their vehicle is permitted to claim the dead animal. The bill if passed, would permit the person who claims the animal to use it for whatever purposes they want, including eating it or claiming the head as a trophy.


Senate Bill 168 would increase the amount of mixed beverages a licensed restaurant can serve based on average monthly food sales, replacing the current mandatory 45% food-to-beverage ratio enforced by the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority. It would set a 35% food-to-beverage ratio for restaurants with monthly food sales of between $4,000 and $10,000 and impose no ratio on those with monthly food sales of over $10,000. House Bill 517 would designate the European honey bee as the official pollinator of Virginia. The honey bee has a significant impact on Virginia’s economy. Fruits and vegetables pollinated by bees have brought over $116 million in profits for the state annually, as well as $1 million from honey sales.