Urbanna Town Council to meet Monday

The Urbanna Town Council will meet Monday night, and the replacement of water meters in the town is most likely going to be a major topic of conversation.

Council is faced with tightening state drinking water regulations by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, some of which will require the town to account for every single gallon of water flowing through it’s system.

The new regulations went into effect as of the first of this year. It means that in order to comply with the new law, all water meters in town will have to be updated. It’s a big problem, because according to a recent study, some 18 million gallons of water went unaccounted for over the course of a year.

The replacement will not come without a cost. There are 595 meters that need to be replaced. To keep costs down in the long term, digital meters are being investigated because they can send data electronically, which would eliminate the need for town staff to physically read the meters every two months.