Uproar Over Re-Assessment

The Lancaster Board Of Supervisors learned what area residents thought about the reassessment notices they received, during the public comment part of their recent meeting. To say the folks who spoke up were frustrated is perhaps an understatement. According to The Rappahannock Record, one resident of White Stone… Howard Kyzer… said his assessed value was raised by more than 58%, indicating that his two bedroom house is now assessed at $250,700. Kyzer angrily told the supervisors that he believed that kind of an increase would be found nowhere else in the country. He said if the supervisors would control their spending, people wouldn’t be hit with such increases. Another Lancaster County resident, Stephen Fuller, said his assessment increased 49% and the only thing he has done since the last valuation is adding a deck and painting his house. Others claim the reassessment violates state law that says a home’s assessed value should be what a buyer is willing to pay for it and a seller willing to sell it for. For their part, the supervisors explained that there is a requirement to use an equalized tax rate, which would generate the same income by using the new assessment values but assessing the actual tax at a lower rate. That means the current tax rate of $0.63 would be reduced to about $0.46 per $100 of assessed value.