The Northumberland Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney runs for Richmond County CA

Libby Tri­ble, a res­i­dent of Rich­mond County, said in a media release that she was encour­aged over the past two of years by Wayne Emery, who will retir­ing from his post as the cur­rent CA of Rich­mond County at the end of 2015, as well as Rich­mond County Sher­iff Dou­glas Bryant along with oth­ers to run for the posi­tion.”

Tri­ble said,“I’ve spo­ken to a great num­ber of Rich­mond County res­i­dents about their con­cerns with law enforce­ment,” and “I’m ready to tackle the issues of drugs, specifically ‘spice,’ which is a ter­ri­ble, ter­ri­ble scourge.”