Richmond Bling

A $6,000 Rolex, lux­u­ri­ous vaca­tions, a Fer­rari — it sounds like a shop­ping list for the rich, but instead prosecutors say it’s just some of the items used to buy polit­i­cal favors from the for­mer gov­er­nor. the first week of the trial of For­mer Vir­ginia Gov. Bob McDon­nell and his wife Mau­reen wrapped up Fri­day with jaw-dropping alle­ga­tions from the prosecution’s star wit­ness — Star Sci­en­tific CEO John­nie Williams —who said he took the then-first lady on a lav­ish shop­ping trip, mak­ing stops at Louis Vuit­ton, Oscar de la Renta and Bergdorf Good­man.

He also tes­ti­fied when the fam­ily vaca­tioned at his Tony Lake home, they drove his Fer­rari dur­ing their stay…but the trial isn’t even close to done. Only a few wit­nesses have tes­ti­fied from a list of some 61 names. The trial is expected to run five to six weeks, or longer.