RCC Being Granted $25K For Health Sciences Lab Building

October 2, 2023 by News Staff

Warsaw is gifting Rappahannock Community College $25,000 for its health sciences lab building, which will be located on RCC Foundation property in Town adjacent to the Chinn House. Newsontheneck.com reports in a letter to Mayor Randy Phelps and the Town Council, RCC President Shannon Kennedy explained the college is preparing a large grant request that requires a 20% match of non-federal funds. Before the current location was selected, Warsaw staffers worked with RCC to secure a Main Street location, but they were outbid. At that time, Warsaw had approved a $50,000 loan for the college. Now, that the project has expanded to a new-build, multi-million dollar facility, although the $25,000 requested is a gift, the money probably won’t need to exchange hands until next fiscal year.