Power Outage Warnings

More than 94% of the 88 major power outages in Virginia over the past two decades were related to extreme weather, that according to new numbers in a study released by a nonprofit research and communications group, Climate Central. The electrical grid is under increasing strain as more governmental mandates require switching from traditional and reliable sources such as coal and nuclear to so-called eco friendly sources of power generation such as solar and wind, which often are not as reliable, especially in severe weather, along with an increase in electrical use by things such as EV chargers. Add severe weather events, which require additional power for either heating or cooling, and you have the makings of a disaster. Outages and lengthy restore times can cost the economy billions of dollars and sometimes leads to death. The states with the most reported weather-related large power outages during the 23-year time frame of the report were Texas, Michigan, California, North Carolina and Ohio. Virginia saw the seventh highest number of weather-related outages in the nation during that period.