Planning Changes In Northumberland County

In a unanimous decision, the Northumberland Planning Commission has proposed significant changes to boathouse regulations. Following a public hearing, the commission voted 8-0 to include fabric boat canopies in the ordinances. These changes will now proceed to the Board of Supervisors for further consideration. County Planner Stuart McKenzie clarified that the new rules mirror existing guidelines for boathouses. Conditional use permits will be required in all zoning districts except for General Residential, where boathouses remain prohibited. Additionally, the commission addressed the table of usages, as directed by supervisors. In an 8-0 decision, they recommend changing office buildings to a conditional use in R1 and residential waterfront areas. Office buildings will continue to be permitted in agricultural, general business, and light industrial zones, while they remain prohibited in conservation, restricted residential, and recreational residential zones. Those proposed changes also now await approval from the Board of Supervisors.