Northumberland Treasurer’s Office Making Big Change

The Northumberland County Treasurer’s Office will be closed December 27th through the 29th for county and state turnover audits. Such audits take place whenever a county or city treasurer leaves office to ensure all funds and accounts are in balance. The last time this was performed locally was way back in 1979 when current treasurer Ellen Booker Kirby… the county’s longest serving county treasurer… was first elected. Kirby is also just the seventh treasurer to serve Northumberland County since the office was created by the Virginia General Assembly during the 1869-1870 session. As she leaves, she says it has been an honor to serve the citizens of Northumberland County for the past 45 years, and she added that she couldn’t have had a more rewarding career. She will be replaced by the newly elected treasurer, Pamela King, who will take office effective January 1st.