Northumberland School Concerns Noted

The Northumberland County Education Association has raised concerns about staffing efficiencies in the proposed school budget for the 2024-25 fiscal year. During a recent school board meeting, NCEA president Shelby Brooks expressed gratitude to board members but questioned recent cuts in the budget. According to the Rappahannock Record, four staffing reductions, including a high school math position, have raised alarm. Brooks emphasized that once a position is cut, it becomes challenging to reinstate it in future budgets. The proposed budget, already approved by the school board, awaits consideration and local funding from the board of supervisors. In other news from their recent meeting, Northumberland County Public Schools recognized school board members for their dedication, and high school principal Travis Burns celebrated Gary Butler as the Indian of the Year. Additionally, Saturday School commenced on February 3, and eighth grader Kyle Lankford emerged as the spelling bee champion at Northumberland Middle School.