NNEC Working to restore power outages

Update 11:00 AM: Crews are finalizing repairs. Restoration efforts are being slowed by adverse weather conditions, including high winds. The estimated time of restoration is 12:30 PM. Crews were successful in retrieving a line from the water by using a boat. Several crews were activated to help with these restoration efforts.

Update 7:50 AM: As crews actively worked the outage, they discovered an important line had fallen into the water of a creek. Significant restoration efforts are now required, including the use of a boat. The estimated time of restoration is now 11:00 AM. We thank our members for their patience, and we thank our crews for their efforts in these adverse conditions.

Outage Alert 5:15 AM: Currently, 578 members are without power in the Oyster Pt area of Northumberland County near Reedville. Crews are actively working on the outage. Restoration is expected within 3 hours.

Crews will be responding to any outages that occur throughout the day as a result of the winter storm.

NNEC has an outage map available for members should outages occur, which is available at https://outages.nnec.coop/

Members can report outages by calling 1-866-NNEC OUT (866-663-2688) or using their online account portal.

Updates are also being posted to our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/nneleccoop

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