NHS Offers College Classes

Northum­ber­land High School is bring­ing more col­lege courses to the high school. August 11 the school board approved a pro­posal out­lined by Northum­ber­land high school prin­ci­pal Dr. Travis Burns,to bring con­cur­rent enroll­ment courses at RCC on-site at Northum­ber­land high school.

Burns said the par­tic­i­pa­tion in con­cur­rent enroll­ment classes dur­ing class­room hours will be lim­ited to juniors and seniors.

To take a con­cur­rent enroll­ment course, a stu­dent applies to take a course at RCC not offered at NHS. If approved by the super­in­ten­dent and prin­ci­pal, the stu­dent can then earn credit at both RCC and NHS. Stu­dents and par­ents must pay for the cost of enroll­ment and school sup­plies for the courses.