New Town Hall For Urbanna

The Urbanna Town Council has made a significant decision. According to the Southside Sentinel, council voted to acquire the new town hall that they have been renting for the past two years. The building sits on 1.34 acres at 390 Old Virginia Street and it was previously the home of Urbanna Lumber. The property owner, Thurston Properties LLC, has agreed to finance a portion of the $1.1 million purchase price in a deal calling for a note of $540,897 to be paid over 15 years at an interest rate of 5%. The money to cover it will come from several sources, including $235,000 from the sale of the former town hall and $237,367 from the CARES Act. A credit will also be given for the $86,736 in rent that’s been paid to Thurston Properties since January 1, 2022, at a monthly rental rate of $3,336.