New Life Pondered For Old School

Ed Histed January 12, 2024 Local News

The future of the school building at Cooks Corner is getting another look by the Middlesex County Board of Supervisors, who have created a committe to see if it can be fixed up and used again after being abandoned for more than two decades. When the Middlesex Elementary School at Locuct Hill opened back in 2002, the Kidd building was no longer needed. While most of the classroom part has long been torn down, the cafeteria and auditorium remains. It was built back in 1962 and in the past twenty years or so, it has fallen into disrepair.


Although the school board voted to spend $320,000 to put a new roof on the building a few years ago, that never happened. Instead, some of that money was spent to build a recreational outside basketball and pickleball court on the property. At one point, there was a plan to turn it into a restaurant, and another plan called for it to become a Tractor Supply Store, but those plans never materialized either. It has been deemed to be structurally sound, and now some say it would make a great community center.