New Laws In Effect

Some new laws took effect in Virginia on July first. Current law allows DMV customers to indicate a hearing or speech impairment or a condition of insulin-dependent diabetes on their driver’s licenses. Starting July 1st, drivers may also designate an intellectual dis-ability or autism spectrum disorder on their drivers’ licenses, and holders of identification cards may also des-ignate any of these conditions on those cards as well. Customers requesting one of these indicators on their credential must present a signed statement by a licensed physician confirming the applicant’s condition. Effective July 1, the $64 annual hybrid vehicle tax was repealed.

Beginning July 1, the sales and use tax (SUT) increaseed from 4 percent to 4.05 percent. The minimum SUTremains $75. Effective July 1, active military members residing in Virginia and returning from an official absence, have 14 calendar days to obtain a current vehicle safety inspection sticker. Under current law, updated inspection stickers are due within five business days.