New Emergency Communications For Mathews

December 12, 2023 Local News

Residents of Mathews County are now being asked to sign up for a new emergency notification system and a new 911 system. They are called RAVE and Smart 911 systems, and they are now available free to all Mathews County residents… replacing the old CODE RED system. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the two systems provide critical communication at times when it is most needed. If you sign up for RAVE, you will get notifications from local authorities about critical events, including potentially hazardous weather conditions, road closures, traffic issues, issues involving Gwynn’s Island bridge, or any other situation that could potentially be considered an emergency. Smart 911 is designed to enable emergency dispatchers to provide critical information to First Responders, and it is being called a valuable and potentially life-saving tool. For more information, call the county administration office at 804-725-7172.

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