Meals tax enacted in Irivington

Town Council in Irvington has now adopted a new 3% meal tax. After months of debate, the tax will go into effect on September 1st. At a public comment session last week, a number of community members strongly oppose adding more tax burdens that they say will hit low income earners the hardest. Another community member said he was against taxes that did not have a specific purpose identified behind it.

There was tense discussion regarding changing the town charter. Residents suggested several items, including limiting council members terms to two years instead of the current form. But a majority of council members said they felt shorter terms would mean too much turnover on the Council too quickly. It was also suggested that no tax should be levied unless a super majority of the council agrees, plus passage of a public vote. A motion to enact a referendum in decisions regarding new tax matters or spending of more than $1,000,000 was rejected by a four to two vote.