Massive Heat Wave Enveloping East Coast

A major heat wave is on its way for much of the east coast this week, and it is expected to intensify and possibly last until the end of June. It presents health risks for many, since we aren’t used to temperatures this high in June and early July. Everyone is advised to use caution and remain hydrated when outdoors or taking part in activities or anything else, such as working in areas without air conditioning. Stay cool by remaining in air-conditioned buildings if possible, wear light clothing, and drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol and outdoor activities during peak heat and check on vulnerable individuals and pets frequently. In the Richmond area, temperatures may not drop below the 90s. But here in the Northern Neck and middle peninsula, we may be lucky, missing the extreme highs our neighbors to the north will face. Locally, our forecast for today calls for abundant sunshine, with a high of about 83. Tonight, expect a few clouds and a low dropping back to 68. By the weekend though, and heading into early next week, we too will see daytime highs in the low to mid 90’s.