Major Retailer Closing In Lancaster County?

September 5, 2023 by News Staff

It appears a major Lancaster County retailer will be closing. CVS Pharmacy is selling their pharmacy in Kilmarnock. Over the Labor day weekend, the 12,000 square foot facility across from it’s main competitor Walgreens, has placed it’s property on the block. And it’s not cheap. Real estate broker Aveson Young has listed the property on north Mainstreet at 3.9 million. In 2021, one year into the Covid crisis CVS announced they would be closing 900 Stores, 300 each year. The company had no word at that time on any Virginia Locations. Cvs store closings finally began the first quarter of 2022.

The pharmacy chain has 355 stores in Virginia, in 126 different communities. Three hundred stores nationwide planned to close each year. starting 2022. CVS cites declining retail sales and increased online orders as key factors. Walgreen, their main competitor, has also Closed stores this year including stores in Maryland. No official word on the store closing date.