Lancaster County Girl Gets Class Ring Back After It Was Lost in NC

In late July, Roger, Cammie, Hannah and Holly Smith, who reside in Kilmarnock, went to the Outer Banks for a family vacation. Holly Smith, who recently had received her Northumberland High School senior class ring, lost the ring while on the beach in Nags Head. Her family searched for the ring with no success.

Holly is intellectually disabled, and the loss of her ring, a prized possession, was particularly devastating to her. “Holly got her class ring that she was so looking forward to receiving,” said Cammie Smith, Holly’s mother. “She showed it to anyone willing to take the time to look at it.”

A month later, the Houser family from West Point left for their vacation, also to Nags Head, and headed to the beach for some family fun. Lindsey Houser, 10, and her father were building sand castles when the ten year old discovered Holly’s ring and ran to her mother with it. Lindsey’s mother, Shannon Houser, took the ring home after their vacation and then mailed it to Northumberland High School with a short note explaining what had happened.

Tuesday, the guidance department of Northumberland High School in Heathsville called Cammie smith, telling her the good news. Holly was delighted to be reunited with her prized possession, and the Smith’s, discovering the family who found the ring lived just 45 minutes away in West Point, called and thanked them personally.