Kaine Celebrates Seafood

U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine was in the area last week to visit with folks in the seafood industry… and to celebrate the introduction of the Save Our Seafood… or SOS Act… aimed at helping seafood processors hire the seasonal workers they need in a timely manner. Kaine said that the seafood industry is not only just important to our economy… it’s also important to who we are as Virginians. Virginia’s seafood businesses rely on seasonal workers, but unfortunately even under the best of circumstances, seafood processors struggle to find enough workers to meet demand. The proposed legislation would exempt seasonal, non-immigrant workers in the seafood processing industry from the limits on H-2B visas, allowing processors to fully staff their operations during harvest season and focus on growing their businesses. The Virginia seafood industry contributes over $1 billion to the Commonwealth’s economy each year, supports over 7,000 jobs for Virginians and generates $26 million in state tax revenue.