Intersection improvements continue– without traffic signal

In Heathsville, Northum­ber­land County staff and two super­vi­sors met with Vir­ginia Depart­ment of Trans­porta­tion offi­cials August 4 to make their case for a traf­fic light at the inter­sec­tion of Aca­d­e­mic Lane and Northum­ber­land High­way. VDOT North­ern Neck res­i­dency admin­is­tra­tor David Brown said “I know it sounds coun­ter­in­tu­itive, but some­times sig­nals in and of them­selves at inter­sec­tions where they’re not fully war­ranted can cause acci­dents as well.” The traf­fic light issue first came up with a request to the board of super­vi­sors to approve a trans­fer of excess funds from a project at the inter­sec­tion of Indian Val­ley Road and Northum­ber­land High­way to start work at the inter­sec­tion with Aca­d­e­mic Lane.

VDOT offi­cials went on to say installing a traf­fic sig­nal at an inter­sec­tion must meet cer­tain require­ments regard­ing traf­fic vol­ume, pedes­trian cross­ings, crash his­tory, and other fac­tors. Fed­eral fund­ing also plays a role in VDOT’s projects.vdot offi­cials said they can’t use fed­eral funds on a project to install sig­nals that aren’t war­ranted, but will send work­ers to get new traf­fic vol­ume counts at the inter­sec­tion in late Sep­tem­ber or Octo­ber. The state can then reeval­u­ate the need for a signal.


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