Housing Costs Skyrocketing – Up 25% To 30% In Last Three Years

Like everything else these days, the cost of building suitable housing is skyrocketing… and the current situation in Middlesex County is pretty much a mirror image of the situation facing most of the nation. Middlesex Supervisors recently learned that the cost of building a 24-unit workforce housing complex at Cooks Corner has increased by about 25% to 30% from when it was originally priced in 2021… just three years ago! The board of supervisors learned that it would cost more than five and a half million dollars to build the project today… and that leaves Bay Aging searching for $2.8 million they still need just to begin the project, which is aimed at providing homes for school teachers, sheriff ‘s office personnel, low income families and others who may be moving into Middlesex County and who will need affordable housing.