Hole In The Wall’ Update

The Mathews County Board of Supervisors is once again tackling the issue of the Hole in the Wall Waterfront Grill on Gwynn’s Island. County attorney Andrea Erard has reached an agreement with the restaurant’s attorney, Tommy Norment, to reschedule a hearing. This hearing pertains to the board of supervisors’ challenge against the Mathews Board of Zoning Appeals’ July 2023 decision in favor of the Hole in the Wall. Originally set for this Friday, the hearing faced a 2–2 vote on whether to proceed, with Supervisor Tim Doss abstaining. In July 2023, the restaurant appealed an administrative decision related to zoning violations. The Board of Zoning Appeals voted 4–1 in favor of the restaurant, citing a lack of county records and affidavits from former county officials. Meanwhile, Supervisor Mike Walls expressed concern about the rescheduling, emphasizing that most supervisors preferred not to postpone the matter.