Gloucester School Budget Talks Underway

At their most recent meeting held last Thursday, the Gloucester County School Board began the budget process with a presentation on the budget by the superintendent of schools, who reminded board members of the strategic priorities and goals to keep in mind for the fiscal year 2025 budget development. Specifically, they include instruction and academic achievement; school, family and community relationships; operations; safety; and emotional, mental health and wellness. Board members also learned that the Average Daily Membership of the division is currently trending downwards. The budget will be developed using an estimated ADM of 4,800. That’s the figure used to determine state funding. Last year, the budget was created based on an ADM of 4,946. It was also noted that homeschooling numbers are trending upwards. Both figures have an impact on funding schools. One interesting note from Chief Financial Officer Heather Lucas was the fact that 86 percent of the total operating budget goes towards compensation and benefits.