Former Lancaster Deputy Sentenced

October 19, 2023 by News Staff

Former Lancaster deputy Motley Allen Haynie on September 27 pleaded guilty to two amended charges, misdemeanors for solicitation of prostitution and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The Rappahannock Record reports a judge sentenced Haynie to 12 months on each charge with all but three months suspended and allowed Haynie to serve his sentence on weekends. Haynie, 28, of Heathsville, was originally charged with felonies for using a computer to solicit
a minor and soliciting prostitution from someone under the age of 16 as the result of a January 9 incident. As part of the agreement, Haynie must successfully complete a counseling program and pay $1,161.72 in court costs. A hearing is scheduled for September 25, 2024.