Food Truck Rules Under Consideration

Northumberland County is considering a food truck policy amid growing interest in using the old Northumberland School Board property for food trucks. One food truck has already been operating on the property, and county leaders say there is room for a few more. The pending police would require food trucks to apply if they want to operate on County property, and the Supervisors would then decide whether to approve those applications at their monthly meetings. To be eligible, the food trucks would be required to have a permit from the Northumberland County Health Department and have acceptable insurance. They would be permitted to park on county property between 7am and 7pm including set up and breakdown time, unless other arrangements were made. No overnight parking would be allowed and no signage could be left behind. In addition, all of a vendor’s trash and any other trash within 100 feet would have to be cleaned up and removed daily. There would be no alcohol, tobacco, or any other products allowed other than food and beverages. There would be other restrictions too.