Five Renovation, Consolidation Plans Before Essex County School Board

November 29, 2023 by News Staff

The Essex County School Board is considering five proposed options for the renovation and possible consolidation of the county’s schools. Each of the consolidation options carries a projected price tag ranging from $31.1 million to $42.5 million.


Option 1 (which is in second place with the committee) proposes moving PK through fifth grade to the current James H. Cary Intermediate School and reconfiguring the interior classroom space to accommodate elementary students.

Option 2 (which is in third place with the committee) also calls for moving PK through 5 to the JCIS building, and renovate this existing building. Option 3 would create a PK through 8 campus at JCIS with the construction of a PK through 5 building behind the existing building. Option 4 (the committee’s preferred option) suggests moving PK though 5 to the JCIS building with needed renovations. And Option 5 would renovate the existing Tappahannock Elementary School for grades PK through 5. Renovate JCIS to new upcoming Middle School needs. EHS would remain as is. The cost estimate for this plan is $39,120,000.