‘Father Nick’ May Enter Plea Deal

“Father Nick”, Nicholas Szobota embezzled money from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church and from the Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad. At one point, he was seen as a fugitive from justice when he couldn’t be found to face his charges. Now though, thanks to a pending plea deal, Szobota could walk away from it all with nothing more than a few misdemeanors and some weekends in jail. An investigation by Virginia State Police showed that between June 2022 through February 2023, Szobota was using the church’s credit card and he maxed it out. He then opened another line of credit in both his name and the church’s name and continued spending, eventually running up more than $21,000 in debt. After money was discovered missing from the Colonial Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad, Szobota on March 15, 2023 showed up at the rescue squad building and presented a check for $21,445. He was immediately suspended and the police were contacted. As for the church debt, despite attempts to make repayments, the church is still owed over $5,700 and repaying it is part of a plea agreement that could see Szobota freed from all his felony charges. In addition to some time behind bars, other conditions of the pending agreement include getting a substance abuse evaluation, refraining from drugs and alcohol, and getting random screening for both.