Essex County School Board To Hold Big Meeting On Monday

Ed Histed January 3, 2024 Local News

The Essex County School Board will hold their next public meeting… the first one of the new year by the way… next Monday, January 8th. Among the items to be covered is the acceptance of public comments on the proposed schools consolidation. Because of the anticipation of a much larger crowd than usual because of that item on the agenda, the meeting will be held at Essex High School to accommodate that expected crowd. Five consolidation plans have been proposed to the Consolidation Committee by engineers, and the committee has now narrowed down interest to three of those plans. The one at the top of the list as of now, would mean construction of a new $38.7 million Middle School building, with a dining area and auxiliary gym… all on the same campus as the high school. Those wishing to comment during the meeting on Monday, need to sign up ahead of time. Call the School Board Office at (804) 443-4366 for full details.