Dominion Revises Merry Point Plans

Dominion Energy representatives met with the Lancaster Board of Supervisors recently, to give an update on the Merry Point and Storage Project. It was about a year ago when they first revealed their plan to go online sometime in 2024. The 100 megawatt solar facility and 50 megawatt battery storage facility straddle Mary Ball Road. The solar panels take up a total of 323 acres. What sets this system apart from many others is its battery storage capability. Dominion says over the planned 35-year lifespan of the project, the county would wind up getting about $10 million through increased tax revenue and siting agreements. Now, if it is all approved by the county, state, and othe regulatory agencies, construction would likely begin in 2026 and the solar generation would become operational in 2028. The storage facility would be operational in 2029. The whole thing is expected to generate enough electricity to power 25,000 homes.