Disappearance of Claudine J. Gifford still under active investigation

Sheriff R.D. Crockett reports that the disappearance of Claudine J. Gifford is still under active investigation.

Tips and information continue to be received and all such information is being followed up by the Criminal Investigative Division, led by Lt. E.T. Self.

The sherrif’s department reports that at this time their office is waiting for laboratory and other reports from the Virginia Department of Forensic Science on evidence that was submitted to the lab in early August. “With the amount of evidence that was taken to lab we expect it will take several more weeks” said Lt. Self.

Lt. Self adds: “We truly appreciate all of the information being received and encourage others who haven’t called to do so. Sometimes the smallest bit of information can be extremely helpful. It may seem insignificant to you, but coupled with information we already have it can be more valuable than you think. If you have any information about the weekend of July 6 that you remember and haven’t called us, please do so”.

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