COVID cases on decline

If you are still worried about COVID-19 relax… cases of it are now on the decline. After case numbers held relatively stable, they did increase a bit in late November and early December, and they peaked about a month ago. COVID-19 has now reached a point, according to medical experts, where it is more of a seasonal or cyclical illness… kind of like the flu or other respiratory illnesses. While it remains highly transmissible, it is nowhere near anything that would overwhelm the health car system. That was one of the early concerns when it all came about almost 4 years ago. Some feared that the illness would overtake the healthcare system, and flood it with COVID cases, leaving little room in hospitals for others with other illnesses or injuries. But that never happened. The response however, did wreak havoc with businesses and the economy in general, especially restaurants, gyms, and movie theaters. Some never recovered.