Committee formed to examine Lancaster boat tax rate

A citizen committee has been formed in Lancaster to examine the county’s boat tax rate, and make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors.

The tax rate came under fire at a June 19th public hearing when dozens of residents complained that the Lancaster rate was the highest of any of the surrounding counties, which they say hurts the economy, as boat owners move their boats to other counties with lower tax levies. They complained that it also hurts local shops and restaurants. The rate of $1.52 per of 100 dollars of assessed value was also cited as a reason for struggling marinas, and was blamed for jobs losses in the maintenance and repair sectors.

County officials say that while the tax rate may seem higher in Lancaster, a direct comparison is difficult because most of the counties that it was compared to use tax different criteria to calculate the levy.

No date was set for the committee to meet


information from: Rappahannock Record