Cocktails To Go Are Here To Stay

In a move that many say has been long overdue, Virginia lawmakers have voted overwhelmingly in favor of making cocktails to-go a permanent part of the restaurant industry statewide. The delivery of mixed cocktails to homes… which sprung up during COVID… was supposed to come to an end in Virginia this coming July. But now, legislation that passed in both the House of Delegates and the Senate, removes that “sunset” as it’s referred to, allowing restaurants and bars to now include cocktails on their to-go menus indefinitely. The ruling involves direct deliveries from bars and restaurants. Third-party deliveries, such as those that come through DoorDash, for example, would be allowed at least through July of 2026. The Senate voted to pass the measure 40-0. It passed in the House of Delegates 81-18. 23 other states and Washington, D.C. have enacted similar laws to permanently allow cocktails to-go. Niune other states have enacted laws that allow cocktails to-go on a temporary basis.

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