Children’s Book Author Barbara Dietz Presents “Chippiepierre’s Magic Paintbrush Tail: A Steamboat Adventure”

On Wednesday, July 7 at the Northumberland Family YMCA from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., the Northumberland Public Library proudly presents the fourth summer reading event. Featured is children’s author Barbara Dietz, of Merry Point, Va. Her book, “Chippiepierre’s Magic Paintbrush Tail: A Steamboat Adventure,” is richly illustrated by local artist George Frayne from Reedville.

This is a charming, heartwarming and humorous cat tale of friendship, cooperation and adventure on the Chesapeake Bay. Chippiepierre’s artistic talents and magical tail land him and his very best friend Gidgett on a Chesapeake Bay Side-Wheel Steamboat in 1894. Who do they meet? What do they learn? Can they find their way back home?

The answers to all these questions are in this educational adventure. It’s a wholesome story that teaches about the Chesapeake Bay Steamboat Era and the time when traveling from Baltimore to the Northern Neck was mostly accomplished by steamboat. Dietz, an owner and lover of cats, will also tell kids how to care for and entertain their cats. Autographed books will be available that day for purchase.