5th Suspect Indicted In Kaylee Smith Murder Case

December 8, 2023 Local News

Grand jury indictments have been unsealed against a 5th suspect in the case involving the murder in Warsaw of Kaylee Smith back in August. Michael Woodson of Kinsale is facing a string of felony charges in connection with the murder that was allegedly carried out by James Barnes. Woodson was scheduled to appear in court about a month ago, but because he had been in a serious accident that has reportedly left him paralyzed from the neck down, he was not able to appear. However, even despite that injury and his current condition, he was at the time being held in the Northern Neck Regional Jail. Since then, a judge has granted Woodson medical furlough allowing him to go home. He had another hearing scheduled this past Monday, and he participated in it via a speaker phone. His next court date is January 8th.