Pet Patrol

Please call the station at 435-1414 if you need to report a lost or found pet or have information about any of the pets from this list.

  • Thursday April 13th, 2017
    ” Karma”- a female black and white w/ brown on head terrier mix. She has medium wiry fur and isn’t wearing a collar.
  • Tuesday March 28th, 2017
    LOST: “Cinder”- a female cat; she’s  black w/ white markings on her paws, chest, and has a white spot on her face as well as a very fluffy black tail.
  • Thursday March 23rd, 2017
    FOUND: In Kilmarnock; an older, male golden retriever mix. He’s not wearing a collar.
  • Thursday March 23rd, 2017
    FOUND: In Kilmarnock; a male lab puppy, around 12 weeks old. He’s black, with white on his tail, chest, and paws.
  • Monday March 06th, 2017
    FOUND: On Friday, March 3rd around 9:30am – outside of Northumberland High School; An older, male, golden lab mix with a red collar
  • Tuesday February 14th, 2017
    “Brodie” a female basset hound, she’s wearing a collar with tags.
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