Pet Patrol

Please call the station at 435-1414 if you need to report a lost or found pet or have information about any of the pets from this list.

  • Monday December 04th, 2017
    Sarge: a young male,mostly black long-haired shepherd mix with floppy ears; He’s between 80-90 pounds, and wearing an orange collar with no tags
  • Monday November 20th, 2017
    Older, female, tri-colored beagle. She’s both deaf and blind, and wearing a blue harness.
  • Wednesday November 08th, 2017
    Two beagle puppies; They’re black, tan, and white, wearing training collars
  • Tuesday October 24th, 2017
    Annabelle – female, border collie; she’s black with 4 white legs and white around her neck and on the tip of her tail. She’s very friendly, wearing a pink harness and pink polka dot collar with a green rabies tag
  • Wednesday October 18th, 2017
    Junior: male, tri-colored beagle; he’s got black on his back, white on his belly and paws, and was wearing a red collar with tags
  • Monday October 16th, 2017
    Scuttle: small white dog with black spots; wearing a small collar with no tags
  • Monday October 16th, 2017
    “Leonard”: a male, mostly black, lab mis with one white patch on his chest. He’s wearing a gray collar with a red and blue pattern, and a flea collar    
  • Friday October 06th, 2017
    Neutered male cat, he’s gray with dark stripes, very friendly, and wearing a flea collar    
  • Thursday October 05th, 2017
    A neutered male cat, he’s black with a white spot on his chest; He has special dietary needs and is not wearing a collar
  • Wednesday September 27th, 2017
    A small, white, female Pomsky with a curly tail; she’s wearing a pink collar with a rabies tag, and likely dragging a black leash
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