Virginia Living: Surviving Holmes Brother goes it alone

When Sherman Holmes was a teenager, growing up in the middle peninsula map blip of Christchurch, he and his younger brother Wendell would often play music on Saturday night in their cousin’s local juke joint and then get up in the morning to perform at the church. “It was good training for us,” Holmes, 77, says today. “Both of us took piano lessons. He played trumpet and sousaphone, and I played clarinet and saxophone. We always loved the music, you know.”

And with that last bit of understatement, Sherman Holmes laughs. Hard. It’s a guttural belly laugh so infectious that one can’t help but join in.

The Holmes brothers never lost that penchant for joyously mixing raw blues and spiritual music. For 70 years, Sherman and Wendell forged and honed a musical bond that only became more special when drummer and singer Popsy Dixon became an adopted sibling and helped them form the Holmes Brothers band in 1979.  Read the full story at Virginia

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