The “Not Dry” Memphis-Style Dry Ribs recipe you must try

Traditional Memphis dry ribs are cooked over charcoal over medium heat, brushed with a vinegar mop every 15-20 minutes, and then finished with a dry rub. The result? Tender bones of tangy meat that showcase the hot-and-sweet herbal, earthy rub.

Why this recipe works:

  • A vinegar mop mixed with dry rub applied every 15-20 minutes during cooking gives these ribs a tangy flavor and beautiful mahogany color.
  • Rendering fat dripping from the ribs and hitting the charcoal creates smoke that imparts a delicate flavor to the meat.
  • A final brushing of the mop allows the subsequent application of the seasoning to adhere to the ribs.

Note: These ribs are best cooked a few feet directly over charcoal. If that’s not possible in your grill or smoker, then they can be cooked over indirect heat to keep the bottom of the ribs from burning. get all the details here

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