The Food Lab: How to Make New York’s Finest Sicilian Pizza at Home

You want to show your friends and family that you really love them (or, at the very least, are willing to buy their affection and admiration with pizza)? This is the recipe for you. It’s easy, it’s insanely delicious, and it feeds a crowd.

Take a look at where you’re living, and think about what you’re going to miss most if you ever decide to leave it. It’s probably not going to be the things that you think of. Sure, you’ve got a nice pad, but you’ll soon find another living space to call home. Watching the sun rise over the ocean is enjoyable, but it turns out that watching the sun set over the ocean is pretty spectacular, too. Even friends can be replaced (especially when you have this recipe in your back pocket—and can you really call them real friends if they don’t even have the decency to move with you?). But food! The food is the problem.

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